Art and Technology (2005 - 2010)

I established my current art and research practice after working as a researcher and engineer at Interactive Institute's Art and Technology Programme in Stockholm 2007-2010. At The Interactive Institute I worked with a wide range of projects and clients, including Visual Voltage, a travelling exhibition about energy consumption commissioned by The Swedish Institute, art installations exhibited at among others The Museum of Science and Technology in Stockholm, and concept development for interactive installations at public libraries in Stockholm.

I also worked in a supportive role to artist, in the spirit of E.A.T. - Experiments in Art and Technology, making use of my in Media Technology and Engineering education which included studies in math, programming, computer graphics and imaging, as well as design, artificial intelligence, cognitive psychology, and project management.

Tools that I developed for use in my work (particularly contributions to the open source software and hardware projects openFrameworks and Arduino) were used by others for teaching physical interaction design at Stanford University and other institutions, and in various commercial projects. I also used them myself for teaching physical interaction design at among others the Experience Design Programme at Konstfack University College of Arts Crafts and Design in Stockholm and the Sound Art Programme at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, as well as at festivals such as Pixelache in Finland and Ars Electronica in Austria.

Some of my most elaborate engineering work for artists was for the Swedish artist Matti Kallioinen whose work deals with themes such as artificial intelligence and transhumanism. In 2007 I worked with Matti Kallioinen developing a responsive inflatable installation for the exhibition Man Machine II at The National Museum of Science and Technology in Stockholm. For Matti Kallioinen's solo exhibition Intelligence at Milliken gallery in Stockholm 2009 I designed and implemented a system for controlling an installation with a dozen inflatable sculptures fitted with hundreds of individually controllable LEDs, a smoke machine, and multiple audio channels. The core of the system was developed in C++ using openFrameworks. Fans were controlled using DMX equipment and the LEDs were controlled wirelessly using custom made Arduino boards fitted with XBees. The system was implemented with the help of electronics engineer Per Niva and media technology engineer David Kjelkerud. The installation at The National Museum of Science and Technology was controlled by a similar system that included video projection and wind speed and ultrasonic range sensors. That system was also implemented together with David Kjelkerud.

Other artists I worked for during this period include Monica Aasprong, Maria Andersson, Peter Geschwind, Tina Finnäs, Ulrika Sparre, Liv Strand, Anna Wignell and Michelle Teran.

Below are some photographs from Matti Kallioinen's Intelligence exhibition at Milliken Gallery in Stockholm 2009 and a film production in Årstaskogen in Stockholm 2009.

Matti Kallioinen at Milliken Gallery

Matti Kallioinen in Årstaskogen 2009