Fire Soup, Dome of Visions (2016)

Fire Soup at Dome of Visions 2016. Photo: Erik Sjödin.

The cultivations in Dome of Visions are part of several experiments carried out while Dome of Visions reside at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Autumn 2016 Dome of Visions invited artist and researcher Erik Sjödin to cook vegetables harvested from the dome on his mobile wood fired stoves. The event was performed as part of Erik Sjödin's ongoing project We Still Carry The Fire, which revolves around human relationships to fire.

Erik cooked "fire soup" using ingredients from Dome of Visions as well as the nearby Bellevue farm and the cultivation cooperative Under tallarna in Järna.

Firesoup at Dome of Visions 2016

The fire soup turned out great with fresh chili, pumpkin, whole and chopped tomatoes, red shiso and other herbs and flowers + vegetable stock and saffron. It was served with smoked lapsang tea and bread baked in a wood fired stone oven. While the participants tasted the food Erik Sjödin presented the wood fired mobile kitchens and shared some thoughts about humans and fire.

Cultivations at Dome of Visions in Stockholm 2016

Thanks to Dome of Visions for vegetables and for organising the event, and to Bellevue farm and Under tallarna for additional soup vegetables.