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pdf An artificial nesting substrate for Osmia species, Sheffield et al (2015).pdf 558.29 KB
pdf Bee hotels - a premature verdict, J. Scott MacIvor et al (2015).pdf 1.95 MB
pdf Bee Hotels’ as Tools for Native Pollinator Conservation: A Premature Verdict?, MacIvor and Packer (2015).pdf 1.95 MB
pdf Bin och biholkar - Naturhistoriska riksmuseet.pdf 141.87 KB
pdf Emerging viral disease risk to pollinating insects, R. Manley et al (2015).pdf 615.7 KB
pdf Experimental tests of methods for increasing biodiversity, Kevin J. Gaston et al (2003).pdf 107.31 KB
pdf Spillover of trap-nesting bees and wasps, Maria Helena Pereira-Peixoto et al (2014).pdf 962.47 KB
pdf Sub-lethal exposure to neonicotinoids impaired honey bees winterization before proceeding to colony collapse disorder, Lu et al (2014).pdf 1.02 MB
pdf The Smell of Selfless Love, Sharing Vulnerability with Bees in Alternative Apiculture. Green and Ginn (2014).pdf 363.61 KB
pdf Urban Bees Using Plastic to Build Hives (2014).pdf 58.79 KB
pdf Where is the UK's pollinator diversity? Baldock et al (2015).pdf 486.02 KB
pdf Wild Pollinators Enhance Fruit Set of Crops Regardless of Honey Bee Abundance, Garibaldi et al (2013).pdf 837.57 KB