Tinders (2013)

Tinders at UKS, Erik Sjödin 2012

Tinders was a one day exhibition and event at UKS in Oslo. Flatbread Society docked their boat oven outside of UKS and baked flatbread. Thomas Foshaug Bergsten played guitar by an indoor campfire and films related to humans long relationship to fire were screened, including a six hour long compilation of youtube videos showing various human relationships to fire. Here is a publication from the event.


Tinders was produced by Erik Sjödin (SE) and Flatbread Society / Futurefarmers (US / BE) at UKS in Oslo. With contributions from composer, musician and artist Thomas Foshaug Bergsten (NO) and filmmaker Vanessa Renwick (US). Indoor campfire, fire video compilaton and co-curating by Erik Sjödin. and Futurefarmers