Below is a selection of books, articles and other publications.
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The Political Beekeeper's Library, 2017

Available as paperback at Amazon EU / US and from Publit, and as a website.

Våra vänner pollinatörerna, 2018

Available as pdf, and as hardcover (in Swedish).

Hästa gård - En bondgård på landet i staden, 2014

Available in Swedish only, as pdf and as paperback (in Swedish).

Growing Up With Fire, 2013

An essay on fire, being, and becoming. Available as paperback at Amazon US / UK.

The Azolla Cooking and Cultivation Project, 2012

Available as pdf, as hardcover from Publit, as paperback at Amazon US / UK and as e-book at Kindle Store.

Selected articles:

Artikel in Effekt, 2018 (in Swedish)
Article in
Medicor, 2016
Essay in
Tate Etc, 2015
Review in
Kunstkritikk, 2013 (in Norwegian)
Interview for We Make Money Not Art, 2011
Article in FARM #5, 2011
Interview for Energy, 2010

Scientific articles referring to work:

The Arctic Azolla Event, Geoscientist 2014
Mosquito Ferns - Tiny Super Plants, Biodiversity: Journal of life on Earth 2011

Selected books referring to work:

Looks Good Feels Good Is Good - How Social Design Changes Our World, Lecturis, 2014